Hi! I’m Laura.

I’m originally from East Texas and have been living in Boston for about https://ebac.mx/sketchup seven years now. I’m sure I’ll talk about all the things I’m passionate about at some point (and trust me — I’m a very passionate person) but besides my faith, my two biggest passions in life are music and design. I guess it’s no surprise, then, that my work involves both.

I call myself a singer of things and a designer of things, which pretty much sums it up. I went to college and graduate school for opera, so I sing a lot: helping lead worship at my church, with the Boston Symphony’s Tanglewood Festival Chorus, in the occasional recital or concert, and in my head (but not in the shower). I love music of all kinds and think I have pretty decent taste, so feel free to follow me on Spotify or check the blog for the occasional playlist. I also design a lot: as a freelance graphic/web designer and total interior design nerd. Over the past year or so, I’ve been prayerfully seeking direction on how, where, and when all of the things I’m good at and enjoy might come together, so rest assured that I’ll share updates when the updates become share-worthy.

  • I’ll watch pretty much anything survival or adventure related on the Discovery or Travel channels, especially Naked and Afraid or Expedition Unknown. I get a lot of grief for the first one. 

  • I’m a textbook ENFP. Barely an E. Absolutely an F. (All the feels.)

  • I’m a daydreamer, traveler, and adventurer but not really much of a risk taker. I am, however, pretty impulsive and it's probably one of my biggest flaws.

  • I got a ukulele for Christmas in 2014 and was immediately hooked. I’ve since added a banjolele, dulcimer, and guitar to my collection. I play all except the later because it makes my fingers cramp and then I don't want to play anymore. Did I mention I'm impulsive?

  • My dream is to one day renovate an old house and fill it with bold colors, whimsical nick-knacks, flea market antiques, typography prints, and a blue velvet sofa. And friends and family. And my cat.

  • I’m a huge fan of avocado, year-round iced coffee, breakfast sandwiches, Tex-Mex, and bubble tea.

  • When I was in elementary school, I auditioned for a show that would later be known as Barney and Friends. It was the greatest gig I never got and the most glad I've ever been after being rejected. #BarneyShowReject

  • I have a two-year-old cat named Walter (Wally) that is pretty much a dog (he plays fetch, OK?!) and I use that excuse to justify my not being a cat lady. I actually really don’t like cats anyway unless it’s mine or it’s black, so I think that counts as sufficent not-a-cat-lady justification, regardless.

  • My idea of a perfect day involves brunch and an indie film. My idea of a non-realistic perfect day involves
    a private catamaran and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea.